1 Zika (TM)

1 Zika
1 Zika

1 Zika (TM)

100% Natural and Organic Mosquito Repellent

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CDC Declares South Florida a HOT ZONE for Zika


Welcome to 1 Zika (TM).

Our 1 ZIKA Product is a 100% Natural and Organic Mosquito Repellent that also repels many other insects besides mosquito’s. 1 ZIKA comes in 4 Oz. and 8 Oz. personal fine mist spray bottles to use as a personal¬† mosquito repellent and it also comes in 1 Gallon size bottles for home garden use.

Our product is 100% Natural and Organic and all of its ingredients are 100% EPA APPROVED Minimum Risk Pesticide Ingredients.

Our product was created based upon research by Natural Organic Labs (TM).

Feel free to discuss our 1 Zika (TM) Product in our Zika Forums and also to discuss the latest information about the Zika Virus.

You can order our 1 Zika (TM) Mosquito Repellent for personal use at Nat Org Labs.